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Meet Heather

Jesus Follower. CEO. Speaker. Advocate. Coach. Truth teller. Grace giver. Proudly Pro-Life. Unashamedly Pro-LOVE. 

Heather has served in many capacities in pregnancy centers and the Pro-Life, Pro-Love industry in the last two decades. She speaks boldly and unashamedly about her past and how God’s mercy and grace have brought her to where she is now.

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Listening to Heather Lawless communicate with passion and precision about the value of life stirred my soul. She's doing "pro-life" the right way; Love, Compassion, Action.


Like a pillar of fire in the wilderness, I believe Heather will lead many out of a culture of death and darkness and into the land of light and life.

Kirk Cameron | Actor & Speaker


Heather Lawless Life Coaching offers a healing and safe environment to explore challenging feelings and issues. Heather offers a range of coaching with topics from relationships, anxiety, mental health, pregnancy loss, trauma survival, PTSD, team building, and general life coaching. Learn more about Lawless Life Coaching and how to get started. 

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We need more people unafraid to reach into the messiness of life with people. We need peacemakers, not peacekeepers. We need people who boldly speak the truth, seasoned with the same limitless grace we've been given. We need people to stand in the gap for the most vulnerable, reach out to the women and men suffering from years of bad decisions and families stuck in cycles of brokenness. And we need more people who are courageous enough to do the same in their own lives, too.

That's how we can really change things. One person. One family. One city at a time. Are you ready?

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